Take the STRAIN

During the past two weeks, did you experience any of the following?

Anxiety, worry, agitation, negative thoughts, apprehensiveness, sad mood, pain, headaches, irritability, frustration, guilt, problems concentrating, low self-esteem, problems sleeping, or hopelessness?

If you said yes, you might be experiencing symptoms of stress! To find out if the stress you are experiencing could be harmful to your health, we have created a completely online system for assessing life stress called the Stress and Adversity Inventory, or STRAIN. The system was developed by stress assessment expert, Dr. George Slavich, and is based on more than 50 years of research on stress and health. The process is simple: first, take a brief online interview that asks about different experiences you may have had; then, see your results! Two life stress analysis options are available:

The entire process takes about 25-35 minutes and the feedback you get could change your life. So, Get Started today!

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