Assess your Stress in 3 Easy Steps

find a provider

First, find a certified provider, who will give you a unique test ID number. If you don’t have a provider, find a potential provider below.

take the test

Second, take the quick 20 minute online stress interview, which will assess your lifetime stress exposure and resilience levels. 

get your results

Finally, get your test results from your provider in a personally tailored online or in-person stress consultation & management session.

Joyce Chu, PhD

Palo Alto, California

Adult & Family Psychology; Stress, Culture & Mental Health

George Slavich, PhD

Los Angeles, California

Adult Psychology & Psychiatry; Stress, Mental & Physical Health

Chandler Spahr, MA

San Diego, California

Adolescent & Adult Psychology; Gender Issues, Mental Health

Grant Shields, PhD

Davis, California

Adult Psychology; Stress, Health, Aging, & Cognition